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And also to archive the crums and the bad ones. There should be a place where they can be found.

This is a really bad Occupy-video, taken by James, a guy who created a lot and spoiled even more. This is the link. Would straightening it help?

I have to copy the liinks already available at our Demotech Channel

The Radish MU-student group set out to participate in the Women's March in Amsterdam. This would be the first test with the new smaller version of the DemoUnits, with the special property that one marching demonstrator, carries and balances one DemoUnit tower, light in weight, but still sticking out above the crowd two to three meters.

A few weeks ago, a small student group came to Demotech and asked support for their wish to take part in the Anti-Hate march. That request was welcome as I have tried hard to get the latest DemoUnits-version ready for practical use.

This latest version incorporates also a policy change in regard of what 'hardware' to make available to people that demand assistance for social action.

Chris T. Rand is the artist name of the singer-songwriter Chris Binnendijk, who recently married a dear friend of mine. That gave me the chance to find out about his amazing ability to make no less than thousands of songs, his life long. One more for Demotech he made too and I love that one.

DemoUnits are different from ...


Last week, Sjors, affiliated to 'Werktuig' a group of people that make this sort of constructions visited Demotech and could use some help with this task he had taken on:
To prepare constructive entertainment for a thousand school kids somehow linked to the mega-event 'Sail' in Amsterdam. Demotech gave support to Sjors with a design for a 'vessel' in which ten kids could float/walk their self constructed vessel to their own Lighthouse, then to start a second part of the event with making a lot of noise.

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Hello, Reddit people, welcome and I look forward to what comes from interaction!

Climate March 9/21 first DemoUnits event


Friday today, two days to go for the big NYC clmate march on so many places in the world. The central event is in New York, the place where the the UN-climate conference will be held. The big day is 9/21. World leaders will attend.

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United World College, how Lukasz sees his 'Service'


Social Entrepreneurship in Demotech and making Demounits as a service to the World

Hello people!

DemoUnits in Tihange, Belgium


First there was a demonstration in Maastricht mobilizing awareness for the leaking nuclear reactor just over the border with Belgium in Tihange. Spillage of radioactive waste in ground water would certainly affect the area of Maastricht. The girls from Cultural Center Mandril borrowed two towers from Demotech and organized support to carry these around Maastricht. People from Tihange became enthusiastic and wanted also to use the DemoUnit towers in a demonstration in Tihange itself.

Demotech really tried hard! is a real big and powerful organization fighting back against climate change. They do that world wide.