350.org needs DemoUnits Large Size! Let's convince them!

Demotech really tried hard! 350.org is a real big and powerful organization fighting back against climate change. They do that world wide. I offered to join them in Istanbul for training their members how to make and use DemoUnits. Maddening that I could not even contact them! They did not reply.

Here is their own call for action, I wish them so much success, they are good, they could do better!

Join us this Sunday for a planning meeting for the United Climate Justice Action campaign in Connecticut!

We are entering a new stage in the struggle against climate change. Heat waves, hurricanes, floods, autumnal nor'easters, and other forms of extreme weather are everywhere hammering the reality home that countless groups and individuals have patiently driven into the public mind for decades: Fossil fuel use is rapidly altering earth's climate, and the consequences will be nothing less than disastrous.

Meanwhile fossil fuel extraction grows ever more violent, and the destruction - whether from fracking, mountaintop removal, pipelines, or otherwise - is affecting more people in the U.S. than ever before.

Growing consciousness and anger is preparing people from all backgrounds to take action for the first time in their lives. The 35,000 who marched against the Keystone XL pipeline on February 17 gave us a glimpse of the mass movement waiting in the wings.

Now more than ever before united action by all organizations and individuals fighting for climate justice has the potential to draw wide new forces into the streets. Such broad mobilization can not only demonstrate opposition to fossil fuel extraction, but also manifest mass support for the solution: a full transition to renewable energy.

Among many others, Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson has shown that a global, national, and/or local transition to 100% renewable energy (based on wind, water, and the sun) not only can be done quickly (Jacobson projects completion by 2030), but could create more jobs, and reduce costs to consumers. It would dramatically reduce pollution that kills millions worldwide every year. The technical ability exists. The expression of political will is needed. That will is not going to be summoned by one single group or another. It is going to require the united efforts of the largest possible number of organizations.

We believe that such united action in Connecticut at this time is possible. We invite all those interested to a meeting on July 28th at the Gary Brooks Center in Bridgeport that will begin organizing a summit in the fall or spring where all interested groups and individuals will be able to meet, discuss, and finalize a call for united climate justice action.


350 Connecticut
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice
Capitalism Vs. the Climate
People's Action for Clean Energy
Jeremy Brecher, Labor Network for Sustainability

Who: You!
What: Planning for climate justice
Where: Gary Brooks Center, 301 Bostwick Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
When: Sunday, July 28th at 2:30pm
Why: Together we can achieve climate justice!