The beginning of the real job

Now, I have started my real job. I am working for two weeks, and I understand now the issue of Demotech : how with limited means can we manage the association and make people aware of it (and of DemoUnits). Limited means because we are just 3 people, or rather less than 3 because Signe just work a couple of days per week, and me I am not enough trained yet. Also limited means because we have a restricted budget and because time is running out! Thus, we have to make choices, not to waste too much time... And a lot of work has to be done before starting to expand the use of DemoUnits. We have started to completely re-organize and store the Demotech Lab, particularly for me the DemoUnits workshop. In fact, if we want to invite and involve people, we have to offer them a good environment, a clean and nice space.

But the problem I think is that Reinder has a very particular approach of the association, and it is such a particular view that Signe and I really have to get used to it. We are not very free when we are working as we depend on Reinder, so we spend time asking him how we should do things. For example, when I want to store the DemoUnits material, I have the idea of how it could be done: a place for wire, one for hooks, and one for bamboos, but he thinks that it is better to store material by size. I think it is normal that he wants things to be done as he wants, and I respect it, he has created and managed Demotech on his own, and he has the experience, he knows what problems we can encounter. For example, when I arrived, I thought : why don't he expand more his inventions, because they are the solution to solve poverty, but he explained me that there are a lot of misuses : some local NGOs make money with it, or some people want to reproduce it, and they make mistakes... Yes, we have to think, we have to find out what is the best way to launch DemoUnits.

Step by step, we will manage the association, and the first step is to make the workshop the most possible pleasant, and it will take a very long time. Yesterday, I spend all the day long to select the bamboo sticks and to store them. What I forgot to say is that I had my first DemoUnits exhibitions. On Sunday, there was the opening day of a vegetable garden (the Landhuis organized it), and I had to build a triangle tower. It was very motivating, I felt important, so I prepared all the material, and went to the garden to build it. But when the tower was done, they told me to put it behind a huge wood arch, so nobody could see the DemoUnits which seemed very small compared with the arch. I was a little disappointed but the important point is that I did it, I succeed to build it on my own, and I experienced DemoUnits. I am more aware now.