This week was the week of my big project : the DemoUnits Arch for the Kunst Tour. It took me a very long time to prepare it. In fact, I had first to build a model in the one quarter size, so I had to prepare all the material (bamboo sticks, cross wires, hooks) for this size, and then build it. Then, I had to prepare the material for building it in the real size, this is the one half size.

Now I should explain about half and quarter and even one-six size: Demotech wants the cubes to fit together somehow. The ½-size (half-size) uses sticks half the lenght of the full size. The full size DemoUnits are for the big demonstrations and occupations, so people have to be able to stand in it. Thus the 1/1-lenght is standarized on 2m 10 cm. The ½-size is a bit more then one meter and so on for the ⅓-size, the ¼-size and the ⅙-size.Then, as I have to build the arch in the half size, the one quarter size was the perfect size to build the model, as it was half of the real size.

I can remind you how long it takes to prepare material: for the bamboo sticks, you need to cut it, dull the sharp, put tape on the end, and drill it, and I had about 130 sticks to prepare. For the cross wires, you have to first make the wire straight turning it with the drill while the other end is clamped, then cut it with a cutter, next bend it and twist it with some special tools Reinder has designed and made to make it a lighter task when in my case I needed more than 200 of them.

For the hooks, you also have to make the wire straight, cut it but with a chisel and a hammer, and finally twist it with another special Demotech tool. So well, these tasks were quite laborious, but I got some help from Reinder and from a French guy who was travelling and stayed few days in the LBB. So finally I could build the arch.

We also found a slogan for the Arch : “Make Art!”. It was not that easy to find something meaningful of which the characters would fit in the structure of the arch, but the idea of this sentence, for me, was that make art because you can make art thanks to the LBB which is a cultural free zone. I think people liked it.

I wrote some text about DemoUnits to display it on the arch, and prepared an A4 to resume what is Demotech (see image underneath). There was also the problem of how to fix the arch on the ground, which was not flat at all. It was a task for Reinder’s brain and he has the idea to hammer four steel rods on the ground and attach the DemoUnits to it with rubber strips.

Well, finally, we erected the arch on Saturday morning and the result was very nice. I am very glad that I did it, I was just disappointed that I don’t have have enough time and enough help to make it very pretty. It was a little bit too empty, it could be better with flags, pieces of clothes... But it doesn’t matter, I like it !

The only point is that I am not sure that people really realize what it was. In fact, the idea of the Arch was to experience new shape and make art but also to communicate on about the potential of the DemoUnits and show to people what it is.

Virginie, a graphic designer who lives in the LBB, also used a lot of DemoUnits for displaying her posters. She took almost all the DemoUnits that were in the Demotech workshop and put it in the entrance of the LBB. She made a very good job, the result was very nice, and she also made huge posters with Demotech Logo.

She put also some inventions of Demotech : some storage stools, and Hy2u. But if I would have more time, I would write a text about Demotech, and explanation of its inventions, to make people aware of it.

Well, this weekend a lot of things happened, and I hope that this “DemoUnits exhibitions” will have some repercussions. As people are more aware of Demotech now, and some maybe will contact us. Well, let’s see.

Even though this week was stressful, I realize that working within Demotech is really something I like and that it is kind of work I expected to do. In fact, it is a small non-profit organization, I really see what I do for people, how I help them, because I am very close to people who are providing by us. And I do a lot of different things : technical tasks, think out practical things, management, communication, some aesthetic work too, like painting, and there is a lot of contact and meet with people and that’s what I like.

But because of limited means, and our limited “labour”, things take a long time to be realized, and I would also like to work with a team and with different people. Like being with different people that each of them have skills in different fields. It would make Demotech expand faster and run better.