Climate March 9/21 first DemoUnits event

Friday today, two days to go for the big NYC clmate march on so many places in the world. The central event is in New York, the place where the the UN-climate conference will be held. The big day is 9/21. World leaders will attend.

Thanks to lucky contacts and working hard we managed to bring a lot of bamboo sticks, cross wires and plastic sheet to the place where we got the opportunity to make the many banners we need to make, for the three marching towers and for the the info stand.

On our way to Berlin we made a stop over in Munster. Britta organized some friends to help her with making banners first, then the workshop we gave to assemble demonits and finally, all today, to get a real good result from actually carrying and dancing with the DemoUnits on the local Clima demonstration in Munster. Britta, will write about this in a blog here herself.

Now we arrived in Berlin. Found a welcome place in the Green Peace guest house, Here, tomorrow Saturday we will make the banners we promised AVAAZ for the climate march here in Berlin. The march will be a special event. Our three towers will walk and dance in it. At the Alexander Platz there will be an Climate Info area. For this place we do the main preparations tomorrow, a lot of painted sheets and strips. More tomorrow plus some pictures!