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Three days ago, I arrived at Occupy London, Filbury Squaire and its sister village at St. Paul's. We unpacked the DemoUnits, Occupyers gathered around it and another start with DemoUnits was made. Yes, people loved it, applauded, and then ... forgot!

Well, that is not what is the idea. They have to embrace the DemoUnits for its Crowd Communicating Capacity. Occupy has a big story to tell and the DemoUnits offer a big public surface to spell it out.

Occupy is about Direct Democracy. It works fast but not overnight. But as I have to go back to Maastricht for other obligations, I want faster planning and faster support to get stuff done.

The big idea is to get together a crew of 4 people, drive with a van to Maastricht, do a three day training making all the parts for 20 towers of different size and reproduce the tools to make many more later at this and other Occupy sites.

Tonight there will be a GA (General Assembly) to decide on this plan. Wish it will work out according to plan.