DemoUnits are different from ...

Last week, Sjors, affiliated to 'Werktuig' a group of people that make this sort of constructions visited Demotech and could use some help with this task he had taken on:
To prepare constructive entertainment for a thousand school kids somehow linked to the mega-event 'Sail' in Amsterdam. Demotech gave support to Sjors with a design for a 'vessel' in which ten kids could float/walk their self constructed vessel to their own Lighthouse, then to start a second part of the event with making a lot of noise.

It took a day for Sjors and me to construct the 'vessel'. Kind of interesting, as making constructions from thin bamboo sticks and make fast and simple joints with postmen elastics has its charm and will often come in as a very useful alternative. See the pictures of what we made for the vessel, as well study the larger structures that where recently erected in Maastricht for an other event. Have a good look at these two pictures of how to join bamboo sticks.

There is a striking difference between the chaotic creativity that is possible with the postman elastic joints and the absolute and strict order that results from building using the DemoUnits method. One picture shows how the postman elastic method blossoms on the top of an erected DemoUnit tower!
Using the postman elastics gives immediate fun and good results. Everybody can join in to add sticks any direction people see fit. Then extend the joint into a spacial network that does not ask for any previous planning. Constructions made that way can be chaotic or just as well properly organised as documented here.
Yes, DemoUnits are different in all those aspects. First of all: no chaos is possible! Order is strict and defined. It was not designed for fun, nor for entertainment. Its purpose is just and only to carry your message, banner, object. And serve that task well, not trying to be a thing, to attract attention as the gilded frame around a painting.
And here DemoUnits fail in a special way. Because of its strict mathematical order it carries beauty. Never this had been the purpose, yet it works that way!