Enjoying Direct Democracy in Occupy London

Hello, all of you! Really exciting to experience this Occupy London site with its "Direct Democracy". Being around here to introduce the DemoUnits (that get an enthusiastic response) and attending some of the General Meetings, I really admire these people.and the way they run this place.

This encampment exists only since three weeks, and already now it is running so well. It is certainly not sweet and easy. There is a lot of shouting, conflict and swearing. There are the very funny people that roam around here that otherwise you would only see in Fellini movies. There are the not-then-over-my-dead-body highly committed people, working all out to get this Occupy camp up and running. And there too is a majority of a people that are just there. However in the General Meetings you do not see these differences. I see the full participation of everyone. Meetings can be terrible, these General Assembly meetings are great to experience.

Just now one of the all-out activists comes to the Media tent, where I am typing this mail to you. He tells me that his proposal has just been accepted. People here agree to fund that three people from here, me included, will drive to Maastricht coming Friday, to return after one week back to London. In the mean time there is money allocated for twenty DemoUnit towers. We get the money when we deliver.

I enclose some pictures of one of the meeting. Look at the hand signs. That is the tool that makes these meetings so special and so effective.

Greeting from a great place to be!