Half way

I have done more than the half of my internship, and I have just one month and one week left. Time is going too fast ! Three months is too short to really have time to settle something. I think that I realized a lot of things, and that I really helped Reinder, but there are so much things I would like to do with Demotech, it has a huge potential but it is not entirely used.

Last Sunday, for the WE festival, a festival where different events, workshops happen and where different association are involved, a "Demotech Tour" has been done. Indeed, Philip, a man who work for Demotech for a long time, introduced Demotech, its principles, and its workshop to the about twenty persons who were here. It was really interesting for me to see Demotech from this side, as a visitor and see that it is a very interesting and professional association that offer so much possibilities, even for a visitor. And people who saw the tour were so amazed and interested, they asked me so much questions ! I am very glad that it worked so well, thanks to Philip who very made a great presentation.

Then, we also will organize some workshops with students or any interested people. In fact, we talked to some students from the Student Workforce, an association of sustainability and development which has already work within Demotech. Thus, in the fifteen of June, there will be different workshops, and one of those is the DemoUnits workshop, and I will be in charge of this one. I look forward to do this, because I will have to explain people how to assemble DemoUnits, how it works... and it will train me for my would-be show in Belgium.

But I don't have enough time, and things take a long time to happen here in Demotech. Because there are always too much things to do. For example, last week we had to build a water tank to save water rain, so I helped to make tiles, concrete... It was very interesting because I have learned how to make it, mixing cement, making tiles. But the point is that it takes me an entire day to do this, and it held up my work. I also had to help Davina to repair the DemoUnits Art Boxes, or I had to make some posters for the exhibitions in the Demotech workshop. I don't mind doing this stuff, I like helping people and learning new things, but for me, time is running out!

I didn't talk about my big project of this week : I am building a big DemoUnits arch for the entrance of the Landbouwbelang. The "Kunst Tour" will take place next weekend, there will be some art exhibitions or events in different place in Maastricht, and the LBB is one of this. Then, the arch will attract people and make them curious and wondering what it is, so it can be a good opportunity to communicate on DemoUnits. I worked on this last week, I built the model in the one quarter size, and the real size will be the one half. I really like the result, it is quite pretty.

There will be some decoration on it, like colourful strips of cloth, flags, guerilla knitting (wool around sticks), balloons... I also though about the communication part, thus I built on the arch my innovation to hide and show text and there will be a presentation text about Demotech and DemoUnits., that I have to prepare. I look forward to see how it will be, I am really motivated to realize it ! But it's gonna take the entire week to prepare the material (about 130 bamboo sticks, 262 hooks and 262 cross wires), and also to make it pretty and display and prepare the text.