During this week, I had my first project : the application for the Saint Etienne Design Biennale. It was very motivating to have a "project" to plan, a lot of ideas came, and I had to organize stuff. Well, it was easier than what I was expected, because all the concept of DemoUnits was already explain in the website, so I just quoted some texts, a lot of photos had been taken too, and moreover, I just had 3 days to work on it, so I don't have time to add something that I could done on my own. But it doesn't matter, now I know that I want to do things like this : have a purpose and work on it. I have some ideas of what I can do : for example, reorganizing the workshop (but I think I will maybe work on it with Signe), or looking for people who can be interested... But I have to wait, as Reinder said, I have to master DemoUnits first.

I had my first "client" too : Bart. Next week, there will be a festival for the 10 year anniversary of the Landbouwbelang (LBB). Thus, he needs DemoUnits to show people the direction of the LBB and the garden (they built a vegetable garden close to the LBB). It is not very difficult, I am just gonna show him what kind of DemoUnits he can use, maybe construct some material to build it. But, step by step, I am learning how to work, and I think I will soon be able to work on my own, and not waiting for instructions. I wonder now how will be the "show" I will maybe make in Belgium. In fact, Reinder explained me that to make people more aware of DemoUnits, we should send emails explaining DemoUnits to some schools or associations we select. And according to the replies we get, we will organize a show or a workshop to show people how to build and to use DemoUnits. And I will surely do this in Belgium (to speak french), but I am a little scared because and I don't know how I have to do. That is why it is a good thing that I have my time, to learn and understand. I am just starting to adapt myself at this new life.

And in the LBB too. The first time I arrived in the LBB, I was marvelled, it was a very nice place, all had been built by the person who live in here. But I didn't understand how this place work. I saw people everywhere, I didn't know who were doing what... And everybody were speaking dutch, and my english is not very good, above all when I want to express myself ; so it was difficult to talk to people, all the more, some people seems to not be welcoming to me. But now I understand that dutch people are like this, they don't smile everytime but it doesn't mean they are cold ! It is the opposite, I stay with people from the LBB during this first weekend, and they are so nice, open-minded, interesting... I think more and more that I'm gonna enjoy my dutch life !

The idea I had : to present the inventions of Demotech in the workshop, we would like to find a system there is not too much texte but if people want to read more they can. Thus, this DemoUnit permit to put text in, but you can close the part where text is.

My innovation for showing and hiding long text