This week was quite short, just three days (because of the two public days Monday and Tuesday) but I have the feeling that I did a lot of stuff ! I talked a lot with interested people, because it is a good way to introduce DemoUnits. Thus, I met Alix and Juri who organized an art exhibition

DemoUnits used for an Art exhibition

They used some DemoUnits camping size which were in the big hall (the place for the exhibitions), and then we shown them our DemoUnits workshop, they really liked the concept, and we asked them if they can make a kind of album and a small movie about DemoUnits. Moreover, they often organize exhibitions, so we can link with them and provide them DemoUnits for their exhibitions. I was a real promoter of DemoUnits, and I liked it, talking seriously with interested people about an interesting project that I quite master now. And from these things, I had the idea that for each time we provide DemoUnits for an exhibition or something else, we have to introduce Demotech. For example, if DemoUnits is used for an art exhibition, we can just build one DemoUnits with explanation about what it is, or if we just provide one DemoUnits, we have to add the logo and the website on one of its side. Indeed, I am in charge of the communication, so I have to think how can people becoming more aware of DemoUnits, and talking to people as I did this week is the first step for this.

I also built this week a DemoUnits for Virginie, a nice woman who live in the Landbouwbelang and who is in an association "Cries for Justice". She needed a DemoUnits for the festival in Maastricht this Sunday. Thus, I built it and, according to my idea, she created, as she is a web and graphic designer, a small sign with the slogan and the website of Demotech, and we hold it to the DemoUnits. The result was very nice, better than it was for the Proeftuin, because this time, people see it! in the Landbouwbelang within their student association.

Then, this week I also continue to organize the DemoUnits workshop, it is a very hard work because all should be reorganized, it is a little mess, not really a mess but there are so much things I don't know what is it or where to store it. But it was interesting, think about the best way for people and for us to store things, to waste the least possible time, to be the most practical possible. Yes, there is always the logistic issue, above all that preparing DemoUnits material require a lot of manual and repetitive tasks, thus any small change can save or waste time and means... But well, I think it is gonna take a long time to organize the workshop the correct way, but I don't mind, I am motivated and I have ideas to try out !

I really feel as an important person in DemoUnits, a communication person, and I really like it!