Doing the workshops on Friday generated many ideas and many ideas that already existed got a better fit.

In fact, next year we want to organize a lot of workshops, some in our workplace, and some in other places. These workshops will be done for different purposes.

First, there is the important purpose of earning money. In fact, if Demotech wants to develop, it needs some money to organize projects, to hire qualified and to train new participants. Lack of man power really impede the development of Demotech. When I now see how things have been improved since we are two to work instead of Reinder alone, I think that with few more people, the association will really have a new turn.

Then we want to teach people how to make some of the Demotech inventions, like storage rack, made from tiny pieces of bamboos, also the beautiful storage stools, tables and even beds.

These ideas inspired how to create more space to accommodate these new initiatives. There is a ' forgotten corner' where a lot of metal material is stored around a big machine part, belonging to the factory that this space was 20 years ago. We found that, with hard work we could remove this frame to make space for a second Bubble Box. The Bubble Box is a guest room made with DemoUnits big size.

The idea is to settle in this new room furniture that Demotech has designed and that can be built by anybody. It will be a kind of prototype of how to construct these furniture and to show what is possible to do just with some recuperation material and some Demotech tricks.

So this new Bubble Box would become a comfortable second guestroom equipped with the different things that could be realized during our workshops, and so function as a showroom.

Then, workshops can be a way to earn money, because we will ask people to pay for participate at least for the material, because people will keep the stuff they build, but also for the service and the learning. And if people really can't pay, they can build more products and these products will be sell.
In fact, there is also a project of creating a webshop. This website will be used to sell designed product that Demotech create, specially bags for girl designed in a particular way. People who will buy products will thus contribute to help Demotech and help to improve lives.

But workshops are not only a way to earn money. In fact, Demotech wants to improve lives and give "more joy per person" and that's why we work in design for helping people in third-word countries. But I also think that because of the consumption society, people are also frustrated and don't have enough joy in western countries, as in Maastricht. Thus, the purpose of these workshops is also learn people how to build what they need by themselves and so to give them an alternative to the consumption society. We will share with people what we know, and the exchange between people are to be develop.

I really look forward to organize these workshops and make people independents!