The third week has passed, so quite one third of my internship, things goes too fast ! This week, I have done a lot of cleaning, there is a lot of dust in this old building and exhibition stuff and inventions have to be very clean for people interested in them. We have to offer them a good environment and be professional, so first cleaning up stuffs. Cleaning is very boring, and some stuffs are difficult to clean, as the roof of a big DemoUnits cube, or banners hold above... but well it's part of the job, and I have to do this as well as I have to do interesting tasks.

My DemoUnit christal

The important part of my week, however are the DemoUnit, that I have built. Reinder created a new size for DemoUnits: the one quarter, I am not sure it will be very useful because it is quite the same effect that the one third, but we are experimenting, we try to find out new concepts and to improve the others. Thus, I have built a one quarter DemoUnits crystal (crystal is the new word for uncommon shape of DemoUnits, it is like snow crystals which have each time a different shape, but are always very geometric and wonderful). When I started to build it, I was not sure about what would be the result but it was very nice and I am quite proud of myself. And Reinder likes it very much too!

The only negative point I think is the fact that we just build DemoUnits to build it and after maybe we will use them but I think we should first think about what we want to exhibit and after find out the best shape for it. But for the one quarter, it was a new size and we had to test it, and I have a lot of fun building DemoUnits! You can let your imagination doing the work, and now I think I master the construction and I can build quite easily DemoUnits, I start to be a DemoUnits professional!

Drilling bamboo

I learned this week how to prepare bamboo and plastic clips. I like preparing bamboo, it is quite funny, you have to cut it with the electric saw, then dull the sharp saw cut as bamboo can be very sharp. Finally, I protected the ends of the bamboo sticks with winding Scotch tape around it. Only then I could drill a hole in the middle for hooks.

Plastic clips, it is more difficult because you need muscles to cut them, so I have to train myself. It took me a very long time to prepare material for DemoUnits, make wire straight, cut it; bend it, making hooks, bamboos...

By now I understand better how Reinder find "clients". He check what happens in the news, if there are some events where the DemoUnits could be used and he just contact people and explain them what we can offer to them. It is like being a sales person but for a good purpose and for a good product ! Maybe I will do this later, preparing a French presentation of DemoUnits and contact Belgium people (I could introduce DemoUnits in Belgium as I do speak French). But I will see, there is a lot of work to do before that can happen.