Policy change results in the birth of the 'Walking DemoUnit'

A few weeks ago, a small student group came to Demotech and asked support for their wish to take part in the Anti-Hate march. That request was welcome as I have tried hard to get the latest DemoUnits-version ready for practical use.

This latest version incorporates also a policy change in regard of what 'hardware' to make available to people that demand assistance for social action.

Demotech focussed for a long time on the real large size as used in the AVAAZ-climate March in Berlin. Impressive they are! Just what is needed. Yet one big problem was not solved: training for use has to be safe, Towers should not collapse because of wrongly done connections. Or simply be blown over, because nobody takes care. Sadly this happened regularly. Proper training in workshops could prevent it, but activist often did not want to invest time to learn.

An anti-nuke demo in Tihange inspired. An activist crawled inside a smaller DemoUnit tower and started 'walking'.

Then the 'Walking'-version of the DemoUnit was born as just the natural thing to do! The Walking tower is so light, the three units high Walking-tower is very visible as sticking out high above the crowd. Use is flexible: one person can handle it all alone, transport, assembling and use. But when many people in a group all have such a Walking tower, then a big new opportunity for action comes into being.
That opportunity is 'Dancing Demo's'! All participants of an activist group have one single Walking tower. Then why not create an act that combines the action power of all towers into one fascinating dance performance. This now is the new challenge. We have to find people that like to take this up as a group.

Who could make a simple animated visual that shows some examples to inspire?

The student group took four Walking-size towers to the Women's March in Amsterdam and the next day to the Anti-Hate demo in Maastricht. Go to the Gallery for photo's that show how well it worked out.