"Put a banner on your DemoUnit", how this song was born ...

Chris T. Rand is the artist name of the singer-songwriter Chris Binnendijk, who recently married a dear friend of mine. That gave me the chance to find out about his amazing ability to make no less than thousands of songs, his life long. One more for Demotech he made too and I love that one.

DemoUnits show the Message in the Peoples March Berlin

This is how it started: with the idea that Chris could make a song to go with DemoUnits, I sat down to think about the content and wrote up this:

Make sure they know it, your message for change,
Let's change for the better, clear banners on DemoUnits

Make sure you show it, your message for change,
Let's change for the better, big banners on DemoUnits

So let's take action, let's make them aware,
Let's make them friends, demo's with DemoUnits

Let's make them friends, let's take action,
Let them get our message, action with DemoUnits

And to give Chris the artistic freedom he deserved, I narrowed my imput down to these keywords:

DemoUnits, Message, Banners, Change, Action, Demo's and added that something cools about 'Frends' might fit well in.

Next day Chris emailed me what he had composed during breakfast:

Your message (the Demotech song)
Put your banner on the demo unit
It's made of bamboo
Choose the message when you tune it
This is what you have to do

Your message of change (Make sure you show it)
Your message to derange (Make sure they know it)
Your message for friends (Make sure they see it)
Your message makes sense (Make sure they feel it)
Your message for the people With a light and easy tool
Your message for the people And yes, it sure looks cool

Use the demo unit here and now
Watch the YouTubes show you how
Demotech dot org is the place to be
Demotech dot org is there for all to see

By now it is time to listen to the song, with the rocky music the composed and compiled in a multi-track recording. Over time it developed, gave a clearer message. This song now has a marvelous fit with the movie that Bert Janssen made, during a climate change demo in Berling. Listen to it and enjoy!