Demonstrations in Turkey started about trees in a park to be chopped down for a shopping mall. A demonstration to counter that, developed into a movement that spread all over Turkey. Did the protesters make it clear what it was that raised their anger? They did so on Facebook, yes, but did the 'other half' of the Turkish population learn about those opinions in Facebook? Probably not.
It is true that television did not cover the protest very well, certainly not in its early stage. Yet the demonstrators could have done more to clarify their ideas to a wider public. Imagine that DemoUnits where used in the Turkish demonstrations, similar as in Tihange anti-nuclear energy protest. More non-engaged people would have been informed.

Imagine the the protest camp in the square would have used the sheets on tents to write up in big scripting their grieves and demands. A lot of videos were made with cell phones, that later were published. That message that needed to be brought out with more force was: we want to be heard, our opinion should be considered!

In Brazil the same public mood develops right now. In the BBC-video one protestor is cited as: We want to be respected. Should these protestors not have made their opinion clear to a million fold larger public watching TV in Brazil? If the DemoUnit towers were uses as done in London in this video, that could easily have been the result.

Big question is: as the protestors did NOT know about DemoUnits, then what action should Demotech take to inform the protestors about DemoUnits? Any suggestions? Kindly write them up in the comments under this blog.