"Walking" the Women's March with the Walking-type DemoUnits

The Radish MU-student group set out to participate in the Women's March in Amsterdam. This would be the first test with the new smaller version of the DemoUnits, with the special property that one marching demonstrator, carries and balances one DemoUnit tower, light in weight, but still sticking out above the crowd two to three meters.
Would this work? Would the girls not get to tired in their arms from holding the towers for the duration of the march? That could last no less than three hours. And would the goal be achieved, to get a much more attention for the message on the banners that were attached to the Walking towers?


Alt Text:
DemoUnit Walking version is invented by Oscar, here first time use

Oscar shows his invention: walking with the one-person action tool

These questions are actually answered in the pictures under this blog. We also evaluated their options after the march. No, not too much strain in their arms, yes, lots of positive comments from the other marchers, yes, doable assembling the four towers and neatly taking them apart afterward. Altogether a very positive response.

This time the weather was great, sun and little wind. So how will it work out with more wind and with Walking towers that are three units high, as done in the first experiment in an anti-nuke demo in Tihange in Belgium? The picture on the left shows how that will look.