The week of the demonstration experience

I just had three days of work this week. I was supposed to be the entire week in holidays, but I just went back in France for two days. In fact, I really wanted to help for the "Stop de culturele uitsluiting!"(Stop the cultural exclusion). This demonstration has bring together people from the municipality and students and activist people to discuss about the curb they put to cultural events.

Then, people organizing this event asked me to provide them with some DemoUnits, and I did it. It was not a hard task, because almost all the material was already prepared. We built three towers of the one half size (one with two triangles, one with three, and one with four), and people painted some banners.

I just had the problem of strong wind and how to fix the DemoUnits to make sure that it won't collapse. I was about to hold it in the ground with some hooks fixing bamboo sticks on the floor ; and also to attach rope to the DemoUnits and to the ground. But we discuss that with Reinder and he explained me that shoring up with rope is tthe wrong way to stabilize DemoUnits. This because people should be able to stand close to the tower to read the announcements and would trip over ropes close to the ground. It is a display for information and a lot of people walk around it and don't watch carefully. Then, according to the tricks we tried with the big arch, we put metal pins in the ground and tied with rubber strips the lower sticks to these pins. It really worked well and I think it is one of the best way to make the DemoUnits stand up in strong wind.

Well, I have two weeks more now, but I really want to do more. I have the feeling that I am just starting doing good work, and that Demotech develops well, thanks to the involvement of new people, as Virginie who make such wonderful posters to promote Demotech.

I don't want to stop now. I want to organize a real project, not necessarily with DemoUnits. I can make workshops to learn people some useful Demotech tricks, or try to expand one the concept in Africa, as the Hy2u (, the irrigation tripod (

But I have a lot of other things to think about if I want to do this, and there is also a lot of work that has to be done first!