My first week


During this week, I had my first project : the application for the Saint Etienne Design Biennale. It was very motivating to have a "project" to plan, a lot of ideas came, and I had to organize stuff. Well, it was easier than what I was expected, because all the concept of DemoUnits was already explain in the website, so I just quoted some texts, a lot of photos had been taken too, and moreover, I just had 3 days to work on it, so I don't have time to add something that I could done on my own.

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My arrival at Demotech


My name is Elsa, I am french and I am twenty. I was studying management this year in the university of Saint Etienne, my native city. Within this bachelor, I had to do a 3 month internship in a foreign country. I directly thought to Netherlands, because I like this country, the way of life, the open-minded people, and the bikes everywhere. Thus, I looked for an association (because I would like to work within a non-profit organization), and I found Demotech, created and managed by Reinder Van Tijen.

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Enjoying Direct Democracy in Occupy London


Hello, all of you! Really exciting to experience this Occupy London site with its "Direct Democracy".

Three days ago, I arrived at Occupy London, Filbury Squaire and its sister village at St. Paul's. We unpacked the DemoUnits, Occupyers gathered around it and another start with DemoUnits was made. Yes, people loved it, applauded, and then ... forgot!

Well, that is not what is the idea. They have to embrace the DemoUnits for its Crowd Communicating Capacity. Occupy has a big story to tell and the DemoUnits offer a big public surface to spell it out.

Food for Occupy


The Occupy movement could use some support. Not only of millions of people that think the Occupy is in line with their own feelings, but also from a tool like the DemoUnit: a way to reach more people.

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DemoUnits over the years in projects and actions


First there was a demonstration in Maastricht mobilizing awareness for the leaking nuclear reactor just over the border with Belgium in Tihange. Spillage of radioactive waste in ground water would certainly affect the area of Maastricht. The girls from Cultural Center Mandril used two towers from Demotech and organized support to carry these around Maastricht. People from Tihange became enthusiastic and wanted also to use the DemoUnit towers in a demonstration in Tihange itself. Here are some pictures of that event.

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