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Welcome to our journal. This page describes some of the internal activiteies at Demotech, where we work every single day to optimise this or one of our other designs.

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October 4, 2016
Mini-Workshop how to make wind-friendly banners fast and easy

DemoUnits is not about its bamboo sticks. No, it is about being able to show your message high up above the crowd. Specially TV-crews will notice and that's the best coverage your message ever can get. Go for the higher the better.

What is the limit? Not the weight of the towers. Weight is little, to ballans it proper you find out while doing it. When found how to balans, then next is to create funny swaying movements with the towers, actually dancing with it.

But wind is an other story. Wind matters and had to be taken seriously. There are many ways to move on with the demo, even if the wind gets strong.