As we described before; you can make your own DemoUnits.And why not? A little focus, some fun and a few materials are enough to create DemoUnits in the shape and size that you are looking for.

The costs will be very low. Only bamboo sticks and thin steel wire is used, and wire can be cut out of a used car tire for free. DemoUnits are also light, compact and easy to transport to the site of use or demonstration. A tower to carry along can easily have a height of 4 meters.

A modular display system is set up from bamboo sticks and metal cross wires, all identical in size, to form towers and cubes. They interconnect in a free-to-choose manner. Banners can be clipped to the bamboo stick, transparent plastic folders, containing graphics can be hooked onto these elements. Objects can be suspended within. For easy transport and storage the sticks and wires can be tied in a compact bundle, while the banners and folders can be rolled around it.

DemoUnits Camping Size - a single unit

Find here a series photo's and instruction to assemble the first unit of a DemoUnit suitable for demonstrating but also for Occupy-like Demonstrative Camping. As you will see, the lens of the camera was dusty and the light was not very optimal. One day we will make better pictures, clarifying better.

Beware! Sloppy work at this stage may result in the shamefull collapse of towers and constructions at the time of a demonstration that would otherwise be glorious effective. If you are not sure, make materials for one single prisma unit, overload it and see if or how it collapses.